Come Back to Center

It’s important to know in which direction you are moving toward. This is mine…

FOCUS: Self Love
“Taking good care of YOU, means the people in your life will receive the best of you, rather than what’s left of you.” – Carl Bryan

Be yourself
Accept yourself
Value yourself
Forgive yourself
Bless yourself
Express yourself
Trust yourself
Love yourself
Empower yourself
-Lupytha Hermin

If you can do that, nothing else can rob you of your happiness.

Everything revolves around how we feel; in mind-body-spirit. When something is “off”, or not in balance, it affects every single aspect of our lives. Then all we can think about is getting back to center. The intention of my yoga practice is to become strong and healthy in order to serve others.

On a physical level, one practices purity through healthy food choices, adequate water intake, regular exercise and movement, relaxation, proper hygiene, pranayama, etc. The cultivation of purity in the mind comes through positive thinking. So what you see, hear, and say is important. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Spiritually, we engage in purity through yoga practice, or through prayer, meditation, inspirational reading, and community activities.

Everything that has to do with our priorities and roles in life, including responsibilities to self, family and friends, work, society, and all of humanity. When we integrate the attitude of duty in our lives, we are able to restrain from impulses, regulate desires, accept internal authority, and achieve internal mastery. Ultimately, the path of duty saves us from pain and suffering.

Note: I used the information found in the book “The Pure Heart of Yoga” when writing this.

Do you know in which direction you want to move toward?

My Story: Inspired to Teach by Yoga Students

I wish I could tell you that once I discovered hatha yoga, I became obsessed with it and have been practicing regularly ever since; and, that on my 10 year anniversary I signed up for Yoga Teacher Training and started teaching immediately. But that is not how my story played out…

I have been practicing yoga on and off since around 2006. However, I now believe I have been on the path to mastery, sometimes unwillingly; though today intentionally.

If I’m completely honest, my practice looked something like this:path-to-mastery-chart

The first time I practiced yoga, I practiced a basic Sun Salutation with a home video and fell in love with it immediately. Unfortunately, I fell into a severe depression and I didn’t keep up with it on my own.

Luckily, a coworker-friend invited me to a hot yoga class in 2007. That is when I discovered the type of yoga I wanted to practice.

In 2008, I moved to Texas (from California) and immediately looked for and found a hot yoga studio near me. That is when I first joined Sunstone.

My journey since, has been a very rough one. I quit many times because of my struggle with depression and the development of tendinitis in my wrists but, fortunately, I was drawn back again and again. I owe my progress to my incredibly patient and supportive husband who will never let me give up, and to the wonderful little community I have found in Sunstone.

I was inspired and motivated by my hard working yogi friends. So I attended and graduated Sunstone’s Yoga Teacher Training at the end of 2015. I have been working on myself since then, so that I may give the best of me in every class when I start teaching.

I believe we are constantly evolving and growing, in one way or another. Just because my practice was mediocre in the past, doesn’t mean it will always be. I share my embarrassing history with you so that you know that the practice of yoga is exactly that: a practice. It’s ever changing depending on what’s going on in your life – and that’s okay! I want to remind you that no matter what your story is: It’s not over, until it’s over. You have the power to change your story at any point you decide you want to. Your past does not define you nor your future.

I plan to start teaching in January of next year. My goal for my personal practice in 2017 is to practice some form of yoga every day. I’m so excited and hope you’ll join me!

I hope my journey inspires and motivates you to go deeper into your practice, not only via asana (the physical postures performed in yoga exercises) but also through the practice of self love.